Our vision is to plant Apostolic Centers which will house our Churches. We evangelise in areas where there are no Churches, then we plant an Apostolic Center there. The goal of our Apostolic Centers is to disciple, train and empower fivefold ministers. Through a Cross Centered approach, we encourage our leaders and members to work out their salvation. We also emphasise the importance of living a life in true repentance to not only experience salvation but also the manifested power of God in one’s life. We follow the Biblical pattern of confession of the name of Jesus unto salvation, water baptism and the infilling of the baptism of the Holy Spirit to the believer.

Our theology is that of the first Christians. We belive that Jesus Christ died on the Cross, was buried and raised from the dead on the third day. Recognising that all that the Church has, is because of His shed blood through the Holy Spirit. Our foundation is not a new one, but the foundation that was laid by the first Church. It is only through this foundation that the believer can mature, and begin to move in the resurrection power of Christ, our Head.

   Apostolic center

The goal of our Apostolic Centers is to bring disciples to maturity and they learn to utilise their gifts. Jesus is coming back to a mature bride. Jesus did not die to have a Church full of helpless, hopeless Christians, but that we would know Him and the Father through experience. Jesus desired that all who believed in Him should be baptised in the Holy Spirit. He wanted a powerful Church. Our greatest desire is to be an instrument in the hand of the Lord, to be a part of the development of the end time Church to maturity. We aspire to be ones that facilitates the maturity and growth of five-fold ministry in the Church today. Emphasising the need to live holy and surrendered lives unto to Lord.


Apostolic Center at Facebook

We have an online Apostolic Center at Facebook. To join this fellowship, simply go to LLMI Apostolic Center, and request to become a member. You will need to have a Facebook account to be able to join the group, but that is free and fairly simple to establish. Through this group on Facebook we have live webcasts with inspiring and challenging teaching. The webcasts are accessible to the members of the group at any time after the live transmission has ended, so it is a 24/7 resource.